1.10.x 1.7.x 1.8.x 1.9.x 16X 材质包 简单材质包

Minecraft Paper Cut-Out 摺纸材质

小编真心推这款, 若你们电脑配置实在跑不起64X, 128X等高清包, 这款16X是一款好的选择。

摺纸 | 才16X | 自定义 | 纸艺 | 质量好


适用版本:1.8.x 或 更早版本
需求:MCPatcher HD / Optifine
版权声明:本文章所分享之内容均已获得原作者授权许可。使用人利用时必须遵守着CC BY-NC-SA 3.0的协议 (详细阅读) 。





[2015/07/18]   Version 3.3
– Add raw and cooked mutton.
– Add Alex skin.
– Add rabbit textures.
– Update compass texture.
– Update ender crystal.
– Update lapis texture (with matching enchantment table gui).
– Tweak inverted daylight sensor.

Thanks to Wemja and Errg.

[2015/05/23]   Version 3.2
– Added guardian, elder guardian and guardian beam.
– Added armor stand texture.
– NEI support integrated into the pack.
– Fixed Steve skin still having 1.7 layout.

This update comes from Wemja and Errg.

[2015/04/22]   Version 3.1
– Fix broken Prismarine and Sea Lantern textures.
– Fix new item icons that were still showing as default textures.

[2015/04/16]   Version 3.0
– With help from Ergg and Wemja, I finally have good support for Minecraft 1.8.

[2014/05/11]   Version 2.17
– Customize six more paintings. They follow a theme of monsters and angels.
– Add Connected Textures support for stained glass.
– Make stone texture more pronounced.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

ou are encouraged to use this texture pack in videos and Minecraft builds/maps. You may also redistribute the texture pack. In either case, just provide credit with a link to the Paper Cut-Out planetminecraft page (http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/paper-cut-out/). If you distribute this texture pack, keep it in its original form and do not distribute it along with malware or other malicious content.

If you wish to distribute an altered version of the pack or use it commercially, please contact me for permission via my “superalgae” account at planetminecraft.com. The following commercial uses do not require specific permission as long as clear credit plus a link to the Paper Cut-Out planetminecraft page are provided…

  • A website that mirrors the file for download may profit from that hosting service.
  • A video that uses the textures may generate profit as long as viewers are not legally forbidden from saving and copying the video for personal use or “fair use” activities. Such a video may have barriers to prevent download/copying, but no legal action may be taken against someone for bypassing those barriers.


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与安装资源包一样做法,把档案放到.minecraft\resourcepacks 里面
进入游戏後,选取档案往右边,看下图 (需要minecraft 1.7.x 或更新版本)

  • Standard Status Icons : 状态图示,可参考上图。
  • Square Ores : 方形矿石纹理,可参考上图。
  • Frameless Resource Blocks : 无边框矿砖(钻石丶黄金等)。
  • Brickless Metal : 金砖和铁砖没”砖”纹理。
  • Flat Dirt : 泥土和石块的材质平滑中带一点点类似纸张的粗糙感,材质包预设纹理。
  • Traditional Items : 传统的图示,可参考上图。
  • Wool – All Diamond : 菱形羊毛纹理。
  • Wool – All Stripe : 条纹羊毛纹理。
  • Wool – All Weave : 织布羊毛纹理。







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