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Minecraft CubCon RPG风格材质包

感觉像欧美RPG风格, 材质纹理表面粗糙, 但不算是完全写实风, 适合想要高清但不想要过份平滑或写实风的玩家使用。

粗糙 | 欧美风格 | 细致 | 偏暗

需求:MCPatcher HD / Optifine
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The new version is only bug fixes and improvements.
– Fixed Lapis Lazuli block green pixels bug.
– Entirely new Sealantern glow animation.
– Lowered Sealantern animation speed.
– Improved guardian (entirely new eye and smaller texture improvements).
– Removed Birch Sapling (black pixels).
– Improved Azure Bluet (removed and changed some black pixels).

The new update is kind of small and includes only bug fixes and improvements:
– new awesome splashes:
– new cooler texts and sybols with UTF8-16
– fixed orange moon
– fixed flame particle black aura
– overworked flame size
– fixed Ornage Tulip black and bright pixels

The new update is kind of small and includes:
– new awesome splashes:
– new cooler texts and sybols with UTF8-16
– New Clay textures
– fixed rails bug
– fixed some black spots bugs
– better colored glass
– new pack thumbnail

This is the last update before the big CC Textures update and the 3D version Release.
This update is only bug fixes (sadly I forgot to note which ones exactly (sorry for that)).
Mostly the fixes are at seamless transitions and some textures like prismarine got improoved a little.

The new update is quite small and includes basically fixes:
– new awesome splashes (we really needed somr new texts)
– new cooler texts and sybols with UTF16 (cause it looks really cool)
– new critical hit texture (the old one was almost not visible)
– new flowerpot item texture (that texture was completely worng (no idea why))

The 3D Texturepack will be released with the CubCon Server somewhere in April.

The new update is kind of small and includes:
– fixed snowball alpha bug
– removed helping lines at the sign item texture
– added new descriptions and text files for your help
A really big update with our 3D resourcepack is coming really soon.

The new update includes:
– Added alternative ladder.
– New(improved) splashes.
– Fixed:
– flower_allium texture pixel bugs
– flower_paeonia texture pixel bugs
– flower_tulip_red texture pixel bugs
– sapling_birch texture pixel bugs
– double_plant_grass_top texture pixel bugs
– double_plant_grass_bottom texture pixel bugs
– peony texture pixel bugs

The new update includes:
– Added 4new zombie variations (made by Lukas (tatze_)). Like all variations they require you using the mcpatcher or optifine.
– Added the Armor (because we somehow forgot to add it (sorry for that)).
Info: quick additional info: All the old textures (before the big changes) are saved at the alternative textures folder.

The new update includes:
– Added 9 alternative 3d (with cinema 4d rendered) gui backgrounds.
– Improoved granite_smooth.
– Improoved diorite and smooth diorite.
– New andersite_smooth.
– Changed all items to new more texturepack styled items.
– extremely improoved bow and arrows (they were there as alternative textures before).
– connected textures are working at 1.8 now with optifine or mcpater.

– The Download is GoogleDrive now. Thats because we can update the file without getting a new link adress.
That means that sites who share the texturepack don’t have to update the link as soon as we update the pack.
– Google drive might warn you that a virus scan is impossible. Don’t worry that doesn’t mean that the file is
full of viruses! Thats just because the file is too big to scan.


DesuMokoto (basic textures from the old ornate5 pack)
joedeluxe (some menu/ gui textures)



  • You are allowed to reupload the Texturepack at your site as long as you set the download to our Mediafire or Planet Minecraft. If you don’t it’s a copyright infringement!
  • You are not allowed to make money from the download. That means that you are not allowed to set a adfly (or other) link infront of it or something!
  • Please don’t upload your own version or a remix of the pack without given premission. Every texture (created by us) is copyrighted (to us).
  • Please only contact me if it’s really important (if you have any problems with installing a texturepack or something just look it up at youtube or somewhere). Thank you.

Contact: support@cubcon.com


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