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The international version of Alipay, which is owned by ant financial, went online today and will be open to foreign visitors to the Chinese mainland. Tourists can use the alipay app for up to 90 days without using a local bank account or mobile phone number. After downloading alipay, foreign tourists can use the international phone number to register, and use the prepaid card from the bank of Shanghai to complete the transaction, very convenient and practical!


software description

1. There are two situations when the account is not activated: [mobile account is not activated] and [email account is not activated].

Open alipay on the phone, enter the account name and login password, and click [login].

2. If the account is not activated, the page prompts "account registration is not completed", click "continue to register".

3. After setting the 6-digit payment password, click "ok"

4. After receiving and filling in the verification code of SMS, click [next] to complete the account activation

5. If the email account is not activated, you can choose to log in the computer terminal to activate or register other alipay accounts

Software functions:

1.、International users can use overseas debit or credit CARDS to top up their 90-day prepaid CARDS.

2.、The minimum amount of recharge is 100 yuan, and the upper limit is 2000 yuan.

3.、In addition, users can recharge their accounts "multiple times", for which alipay has set a "reasonable" upper limit.

The software features:

1. Send/Receive money from your peers

2. Transfer money to friends or split the bill at your favorite restaurant

3. Card free payment at millions of merchants

4. Top up your mobile phone and pay your utility bills

5. Place and track orders in Taobao and TMall

5. Order food from local restaurants or book a taxi

6. Manage your money with wealth management products

Software evaluation:

1. Free off-site cross-bank transfer / credit card repayment and loans

2. Scan & Pay – Scan & use the QR code to pay at your local stores

3. Book Air/Rail/Movie Tickets, at ease

4. Enjoy hundreds of discounts and promotions from various merchants

5. Group account facility to manage expenses within family and friends circle

6. Donate/Participate in walkathons along with your friends

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