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Minecraft 基岩版 Beta 发布

2022-02-18 09:15:45 1181
文章分类: 新闻资讯

Minecraft Beta - (Xbox / Windows / Android)

Minecraft 基岩版 Beta / Windows / Android)

Posted: 17 February 2022

发表于: 2022 年 2 月 17 日

PLEASE READ before participating in the Minecraft Beta:


Joining the beta will replace your game with a work-in-progress version of Minecraft


You will not have access to Realms and will not be able to join non-beta players while you're previewing the beta


Any worlds played while in the beta cannot be opened in previous versions of the game, so please make copies of worlds to prevent losing them


Beta builds can be unstable and are not representative of final version quality


The beta is available only on Xbox One, Windows 10, and Android (Google Play). To join or leave the beta, see aka.ms/JoinMCBeta for detailed instructions

测试版仅在 Xbox One,Windows 10 和 Android (Google Play) 平台上可用。如欲加入或退出测试版,参见 aka.ms/JoinMCBeta 以取得详细的说明

Minecraft Preview players may receive a slightly different version number, but the fixes and features here should be the same. More information can be found here: aka.ms/PreviewFAQ .

Minecraft Preview 玩家可能会受到一个略微不同的版本号,但其中的修复和新特性应该是一样的。更多信息请访问: aka.ms/PreviewFAQ 。


It's time for another update, and here's a list of what is new in this week's Beta! As always please search and report any bugs you may find at bugs.mojang.com .

是时候来一次更新啦,这里就是本周测试版的新内容!一如既往的,请寻找任何你能发现的问题,并在 bugs.mojang.com 反馈给我们。

Minecraft Preview:

Minecraft Preview:

Minecraft Preview players on Windows and iOS can now join each other's games!

Windows 和 iOS 平台的 Minecraft Preview 玩家现在可以和别人联机了!

Known Issues:


We are aware that some Android devices may experience a crash when creating a world. This will only happen once at most, after which you can create worlds as usual.


Features and Bug Fixes




Fixed actor definition identifiers not being recognized if the item or block name contains "."

修复了物品和方块名称包含 "." 时无法识别 actor 定义标识符的问题

Damage is now calculated more accurately, we now properly calculate and store partial damage for larger damage


Mobs across higher and lower difficulties have their damage adjusted slightly accordingly


Armor and protection reduction calculations have been made more accurate


Dragon's breath attack now properly deals damage (MCPE-94317)

龙息现在会正确计算伤害了 (MCPE-94317)

The player's position when rejoining a world will remain the same if they quit while in lava (MCPE-82480)

在岩浆中退出游戏并再次加入后,玩家的位置不会改变了 (MCPE-82480)

Players can now fly down through ladders and other climbable blocks such as vines in creative without stopping (MCPE-82480)

创造模式下,玩家可以飞过梯子、藤蔓等可攀爬的方块而不会停下来了 (MCPE-82480)

Fixed a bug where shield blocking animation stops playing smoothly after blocking once (MCPE-149838)

修复了盾牌在进行一次抵挡后动画平滑地停止播放的问题 (MCPE-149838)



Fixed a bug where "carrots_stage_3" texture filename was incorrect and did not show up in-game (MCPE-152175)

修复了 "carrots_stage_3" 纹理文件名错误且无法在游戏中正常展示的问题 (MCPE-152175)



Bees no longer become angry when Beehives are destroyed by Silk Touch (MCPE-83550)

蜂巢被精准采集附魔的工具破坏后,蜜蜂不会表现出敌对了 (MCPE-83550)

Blaze fireballs, Fang attack damage, and Shulker bullets now deal consistent damage across all difficulties


Small Magma Cubes do slightly more damage, from 2 to 3 on normal

小岩浆怪造成的伤害略有提高,正常情况下从 2 调整为 3

Spiders deal slightly less damage, from 3 to 2 on normal (MCPE-94878)

蜘蛛造成的伤害略有减少,正常情况下从 3 调整为 2 (MCPE-94878)

Baby Zoglins deal slightly less damage, from 1 to 0.5 on normal

小僵尸疣猪兽造成的伤害略有减少,正常情况下从 1 调整为 0.5

Skeleton melee attack does slightly less damage, from 3 to 2 on normal

骷髅近战攻击造成的伤害略有减少,正常情况下从 3 调整为 2

Wolves deal slightly more damage, from 3 to 4 on normal

狼造成的伤害略有提高,正常情况下从 3 调整为 4

Baby Hoglins no longer attack players


Cows, Pigs, Chickens, and Sheep no longer spawn in cold taiga biomes


User Interface


Buttons in touch controls no longer get stuck in pressed state when players go outside of the button area (MCPE-151921)

玩家的手指从按钮上移开时,按钮不再保持按下状态了 (MCPE-151921)

Fixed an issue where text would display incorrectly on certain Android devices in the new UI (MCPE-151916)

修复了某类安卓设备上使用新 UI 时文本展示异常的问题 (MCPE-151916)

Fixed a crashing issue that could occur when hovering over the search bar in the crafting menu when playing with a controller




Coin Purchase Screen now includes “Coin Starter Bundles” for purchase on some platforms

在某些平台上,可在金币购买界面选购 “新手金币礼包[无标准译名]”

Game no longer hangs/crashes when clicking "View More"

点击 "显示更多" 时,游戏不会再卡死或崩溃了

Marketplace tags now fit in description section


Download popup no longer flickers when closed


Client now supports multiple player count tags in Marketplace pages


Added warning popup on Marketplace pages when attempting to equip skin pack skin while character creator item is equipped


Character Creator


Fixed an issue that caused some emotes to have unintended rotations when near the end of their animation (MCPE-134328)

修复了动画即将结束时抽搐旋转的问题 (MCPE-134328)

Technical Updates


AI Goals

AI 寻路

Exposed new data parameter "calculate_new_path_radius" for the Go Home Goal. This is for specifying a distance in blocks that the mob is considered close enough to the end of the current path. A new path will then be calculated to continue toward home

公开了 Go Home Goal 的新数据参数 "calculate_new_path_radius"。生物使用当前路径寻路时,若距离终点的格数等于上述指定的参数,将重新计算寻路并继续导航。

Added Knockback Height Cap value to Knockback Roar Goal

为 Knockback Roar Goal 添加了一个值 Knockback Height Cap



Fixed a bug where timeline events at 0.0 would sometimes not run in looping animations

修复了位于时间线 0.0 的事件有时不参与循环动画的问题



Fixed command block failing to summon mob in Extreme Speed Runner Marketplace map

修复了市场地图 Extreme Speed Runner 中命令方块无法生成实体的问题

Technical Experimental Features


Due to engine limitations, "minecraft:geometry" data used for blocks with the Holiday Creator Features experimental toggle are now restricted to only allow geometry in the [0,0,0] to [15,15,15] space. Any blocks loaded from behavior packs that exceed this limit will render as the info_update block and show a content error in the log.

因引擎限制,现在 Holiday Creator Features 实验性特性下为方块使用的 "minecraft:geometry" 数据将限制其几何体大小在 [0,0,0] 到 [15,15,15] 的区域内。超出此范围的方块会展示为一个 info_update 方块,并在日志中报错。

GameTest Framework

GameTest 框架

Exposed the following components for Actors. Each of these has a value property that contains the data of the component.

为 Actors 公开了以下组件。其中每个都含有包含组件数据的属性值。








mojang-gametest module:

mojang-gametest 模块:

Removed radiusargument[原文如此] from command /gametest clearall

移除了指令 /gametest clearall 的 radius 参数

Modified the behavior of function attack()to make the simulated player swing even when no target is found

修改了方法 attack() 的行为,使得即使没有目标被发现的情况下,模拟玩家也会不停游荡

mojang-minecraft module:

mojang-minecraft 模块:

Added event entityHit(entityHitEvent: EntityHitEvent, options?: EntityEventOptions)- Fires when an entity or block is hit by another entity

添加了事件 entityHit(entityHitEvent: EntityHitEvent, options?: EntityEventOptions) - 在一个实体或方块被另一个实体攻击时触发

function playSound(soundID : String, soundOptions : SoundOptions) - plays a sound for a player, cannot be heard by entities other than that specific player

函数 playSound(soundID : String, soundOptions : SoundOptions) - 为玩家播放声音,除被指定的玩家外的实体无法听到。

Interact Component


Now have two new fields, GiveItem and TakeItem, specifying if it is possible to give/take items from an entities main hand slot. Taking the item also drops the inventory of the mob

现在有了两个新的字段,分别是 GiveItem 和 TakeItem,用来指定是否能将物品放到实体的主手物品槽,或从实体的主手物品槽取走物品。取走物品相当于从实体的背包拿走物品。



Weapon events are correctly applied when the Weapons are used by Mobs (MCPE-118692)

生物使用武器时,武器事件将被正确触发 (MCPE-118692)

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