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Minecraft Java版 1.18-pre2 发布

2021-11-17 17:52:07 435
文章分类: 官方资讯

Minecraft 1.18 Pre-Release 2

Minecraft 1.18 预发布版 2

A Minecraft Java Pre-Release

Minecraft Java版 预发布版

The second pre-release for Minecraft Java is now available. In this pre-release, we've upgraded the Java version that is bundled with the game, and the game now uses Java 17. Other than this, we've mostly been busy fixing bugs.

Minecraft Java版的第二个预发布版现在可用。在这个预发布版中,我们升级了游戏所需的Java版本,游戏现在需要Java 17。除此之外,我们大部分时间忙着修bug。



Technical changes in 1.18 Pre-release 2

1.18 预发布版 2 的技术性修改

Minecraft now uses Java version 17. If you are using a default setup the Launcher will download and install the correct version. If you are using a custom Java setup or a third-party launcher, you will need to ensure that your Java installation is version 17 or above.


Fixed bugs in 1.18 Pre-release 2

1.18 预发布版 2 修复的漏洞

MC-32813 - Floating water / lava above caves / cave carver doesn’t update water

MC-32813 - 流动的水或在洞穴上方的流动的岩浆洞穴雕刻器不再更新水

MC-206303 - Minecarts have old textures on the bottom

MC-206303 - 矿车的底部使用了旧纹理

MC-214963 - Mineshaft generation is non-deterministic

MC-214963 - 矿井的结构生成是不确定的

MC-217038 - Large dripstone structures can be generated outside the caves

MC-217038 - 滴水石簇生成在洞穴外

MC-217056 - Some high-speed particles lag/freeze the game

MC-217056 - 一些高速度粒子会导致游戏卡顿或卡死

MC-220061 - Painting back texture is mirrored

MC-220061 - 画的背部纹理被镜像翻转

MC-223917 - Goats on fire do not attempt to pathfind towards water

MC-223917 - 山羊被火烧着时不会尝试跑往有水处

MC-226689 - Albert Pastore’s name is grey and improperly indented in the credits

MC-226689 - 制作人员名单中,Albert Pastore的名字是灰色的,且缩进不正确

MC-227163 - Credits say ‘‘IT Manager’’ instead of ‘‘IT Managers’’

MC-227163 - 鸣谢名单中 `IT Managers` 错写成 `IT Manager`

MC-227204 - “Explore, dream, discover” quote no longer appears after new credits

MC-227204 - 在使用新版鸣谢名单后,`Explore,dream,discover` 那段语录不再出现

MC-227206 - Random names in the new credits use curly quotes/apostrophes

MC-227206 - 制作人员名单中,有一些名字中使用的单引号或双引号使用的是全角符号

MC-227231 - Steven Silvester’s name is misspelt in the credits

MC-227231 - 制作人员名单中,Steven Silvester的名字可能被拼错了

MC-227239 - In the credits, Elizabeth Batson’s company name is improperly capitalized

MC-227239 - 制作人员名单中,Elizabeth Batson的公司名称被不正确大写

MC-227329 - The usage and punctuation of “Inc” is still inconsistent in the credits

MC-227329 - 制作人员名单中,“Inc”一词的用法和标点仍然不一致

MC-231782 - Missing “(” in Frank Criscione credit

MC-231782 - 制作人员名单中,Frank Criscione的那一行少了一个"("。

MC-236756 - Biome-exclusive mob spawn rates are reduced

MC-236756 - 生物群系独有生物的生成率降低了

MC-236858 - Seeds that spawn you in the middle of the ocean cause lag

MC-236858 - 由出生点在海洋中间的世界种子生成的世界性能迟缓

MC-237608 - Server address shown when connection fails during server startup

MC-237608 - Server address shown when connection fails during server startup

MC-238049 - Passive mobs (cows, pigs, sheep, chickens) sometimes do not spawn

MC-238049 - 被动型生物(牛、猪、绵羊、鸡)有时不生成

MC-238076 - UpgradeData in chunk is not migrated to new world height

MC-238076 - 区块内的UpgradeData标签没有转换到新的世界高度

MC-238375 - Crash and/or data corruption upon attempting to save a world with a world border center over 30 million blocks

MC-238375 -  世界边界中心点在3千万格外时,保存世界会导致游戏崩溃,和/或数据损坏

MC-238587 - Sprinting while flying into a block causes the screen to rapidly zoom in and out

MC-238587 - 飞入方块时疾跑会导致视角快速放大和缩小

MC-239397 - Lava pockets generate in icebergs

MC-239397 - 熔岩池在冰山中生成

MC-239423 - Kumi Tanioka isn’t under “Music composed by” in the credits

MC-239423 - Kumi Tanioka未出现在鸣谢名单的 `Music composed by` 段落中

MC-239856 - Upgrading old worlds causes vines to have the wrong block state

MC-239856 - 升级旧的世界会导致藤蔓使用错误的方块状态

MC-239857 - Fences, iron bars, and glass panes often use an incorrect block state after conversion

MC-239857 - 栅栏、铁栏杆和玻璃板在进行世界转换后没有正确衔接

MC-239884 - Water from old chunks don’t properly propagate into new chunks

MC-239884 - 旧区块中的水不会流到新区块中

MC-239899 - Connected redstone does not properly upgrade from older versions

MC-239899 - 在旧版中的连接好的红石线没有跟随版本升级

MC-240030 - Holes in worlds created in Alpha and Infdev below y=0 after conversion

MC-240030 - 创建于Infdev和Alpha的世界转换到21w43a后在y=0或以下区域出现大量空洞

MC-240494 - Duplicated mineshafts with new cave generation

MC-240494 - 新的洞穴生成机制导致生成重复的废弃矿井

MC-240507 - Mob Spawning in structures fails in pre-1.18 generated monuments/swamp huts/outposts

MC-240507 - 在1.18前生成的海底神殿/沼泽小屋/掠夺者前哨站里无法正常生成生物

MC-240570 - Biomes in old chunks are not copied to new caves below Y=0 when chunks are extended

MC-240570 - 旧区块升级后,旧的生物群系数据不会被复制到Y=0下方生成的新洞穴处

MC-240610 - “Allow Server Listings” option doesn’t save its last setting

MC-240610 -  “允许列入服务器玩家列表”选项设置不会被保存

MC-240783 - Powder snow does not reduce or negate fall damage

MC-240783 - 细雪不减少也不抵消坠落伤害

MC-241111 - Some Mojang employees are not mentioned in the credits

MC-241111 - 部分Mojang雇员未出现在鸣谢名单中

MC-241194 - Crash: java.lang.NullPointerException: Cannot invoke “ddm.a(cao, cps, java.util.Random, gh)” because the return value of “java.util.function.Supplier.get()” is null

MC-241194 - 空指针异常崩溃:不能调用"ddm.a(cao, cps, java.util.Random, gh)",因为"java.util.function.Supplier.get()"的返回值为null

MC-241199 - Double chests have incorrect block states after upgrading old worlds

MC-241199 - 升级旧世界后,大型箱子的方块状态不正确

MC-241208 - Powered buttons, pressure plates, and tripwire hooks remain powered forever after upgrading old worlds

MC-241208 -升级旧存档会使被充能的按钮、压力板和绊线钩永久保持充能状态

MC-241234 - Fossils get cut off at chunk borders

MC-241234 - 化石会在区块边界处被截断

MC-241413 - Floating water generates around ravines

MC-241413 - 峡谷周围会生成浮空水

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